ROBOX Energy - The Ideal Answer to Wastewater Treatment Variables

Variable needs, flexible answers

We are at Valdobbiadene wastewater treatment plant in Treviso province (Italy) - the area where Prosecco wine is produced, which generates a considerable increase in the organic burden entering the plant during the harvest period, up to the point of reaching a PE of 13,000, against a PE of 10,000 during other periods.

Engineer Daniele Renzi, Manager of Wastewater Treatment Process Optimisation at Alto Trevigiano Servizi, explains during our interview how to manage both the seasonal surges and daily variations, and how vital it is to use equipment that can guarantee flexibility in terms of air supply, pumping, and mixing capacity.

The solution to these requirements was ROBOX energy – the new permanent-magnet screw compressor from Robuschi.

“ROBOX energy has proved to be an innovative and flexible machine with highly adaptable software that can meet specific process needs,” says Edi Casagrande, Plant Maintenance Technician at Alto Trevigiano Servizi.

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